About Me

I am a former food loser turned passionate foodie. Strongly opinionated, and avid lover of all things food and drink, except maybe olives and cooked/baked/preserved fruit. That’s right, I hate pie. And jam. Don’t even get me started on the abomination that is Hawaiian pizza.

Vegetarianism? I don’t get it. As a dish, maybe… but a way of life? You can’t just voluntarily give up bacon. Utter and complete madness. Some of my favourite foods: rack of lamb, crispy pork skin, summer tomatoes, cheese and fresh bread (all together or served separately, I’m not picky).

I’m a shopaholic of the worst kind and have an ongoing love affair with purses and shoes. I’m a travel enthusiast – I love flying, seeing new places and trying new things. A large part of my trips involve crossing items of my “must eat” list. I’m a huge football fanatic and am passionate about my beloved Patriots. I love to golf and have a mean drive. I’m a big geek, mostly for trivia, techie toys, superheroes and Harry Potter. Colour coding and using my label maker put me in my happy place.

I call Toronto my home, and despite the many things think need changing, I love it and I’d never think of living anywhere else.

I also like people who pop by to read my blog. So thanks for letting me share my misadventures as I eat and shop my way through the world.

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